Simple Shelving Solutions

Shelving is a great way to increase storage or display space. There are many shelving options available at Rapid>True Value stores.shelves

  • Best places to build shelves are the back of closet, the end of a hallway or in a corner of a bedroom or bathroom, in a living or dining room, kitchen, laundry room and store room.

  • Useful both for storage and decoration, shelves hold anything from appliances and boxes to books and knick-knacks.

  • Basic shelves are relatively easy and inexpensive to make from wood, plywood or fibreboard. You can do this yourself, or, have Rapid>True Value cut it to specific lengths and widths. We sell supporting brackets for installation.

  • Add veneers, wood stain or paint for a finished look that fits your design or colour scheme.

  • Shelves may be coated with polyurethane for a natural finished look even with stain or paint. Melamine coated particleboard gives an easy-to-clean surface.