Getting rid of those pests

In the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, on the patio, in the yard, pests are everywhere! They stay close to humans because we are their supermarket. They want our food, fresh or discarded. A simple lapse, like dropping a cookie crumb on the floor, calls out the entire ant army in seconds. And these ants don’t play like the Reggae Boyz.  If they turn on you, you better run like crazy.

Rapid True Value forms valuable 'union' - Customers to benefit from Western Union-Bill Express partnership

There is a new section in four Rapid True Value outlets across Jamaica which are expanding on the nuts and bolts (plus just about anything required for home maintenance and improvement) of the business they are renown for. It is an inward expansion of sorts, as there is further utilisation of existing floor space, but also outward, in terms of what the organisation offers to its clients.

Get Inspired!

Sometimes we know exactly what needs improvement in our homes, what items can complete a room or the part we need to fix a broken household item. Other times we just sense that something is missing or needs change but we can’t quite pinpoint anything in particular.

If you find yourself in this position here’s what you can do for inspiration:

Get your Christmas look and feel early

It’s October. That means we have about two more months before the Christmas shopping takes over. This is the perfect time to get all the goodies you need to make your home, car and office look and feel ‘Christmasy.’ We assume everyone knows what Christmasy means. If you happened to have hopped off the planet for a while, it’s simply making your surroundings depict the season in splendor.

Backyard Life

Most people enjoy the outdoors. Getting close to the trees, flowers, vines, grass and even the dirt gives us some primal pleasure. That’s why many of us spend so much time in our backyards, when we have one.

The yard has a life of its own that is made more enjoyable when we design it to suit our outdoor needs. Mother Nature is perfect in God’s eyes, but we mortals can always find a way to put our own stamp on whatever piece of it we own.

Removing Common Stains

Removing stainsWe’ve searched and searched and now we bring you the best do-it-yourself stain removal tricks we could find:

Tea Stains:
Apply a clean sponge that has been dipped in white vinegar to the stain.

Wash item in the usual way. Do NOT put in a dryer, as heat will set any remaining stain.

Understanding Closets

closetsClosets are small enclosed spaces used generally for storage or hanging clothes in a house or building. Cabinets, cupboards, pantries, wardrobes, armoires are other types of closets. Whatever their purpose, closets are personal spaces that we never seem to have enough of. But with some thought and planning storage space can be added or expanded within your building.

Can't be helpful around the house without a power drill

 Power DrillsIf you’ve never had to fix a loosely hanging cupboard door or shift a drawer handle then consider yourself lucky. Sometimes even the simplest household jobs can seem like building a house for those of us who were born minus the handyman gene.

But if you’ve reached the point where that cupboard door has hit you in the head for the last time, then you might need a power drill.

Rotary Tools

 Rotary ToolsHigh-speed rotary tools have the ability to work at speeds of up to 30,000 rpm. Of the two main types, Cut Out tools and Basic Rotary tools, the former has the bigger motor. Cut Out tools have motors ranging from 4 to 5 amps, while rotary tools motors’ use 1 amp. Both types have cordless versions, but the corded ones are always more powerful.

Spring Cleaning in the Tropics

Spring CleaningSpring-cleaning time is upon us. Most homemakers are ready to embark on a cleaning spree of their entire house or parts of it. Nothing is left to chance, no corners go untouched and no surface goes unpolished. Everything is washed, wiped, dusted and/or shined from top to bottom.