A Quick Change

Many of us spend extended periods of time in our homes, and more often than not we become bored with our surroundings. In the wake of Do-it-Yourself television many are guilty of allowing themselves to briefly fantasize that Tye Pennington is giving us an extreme home makeover.

Fashion Night Out - Extreme Home Makeover

Rapid True Value is the place to go on Fashion Night out! This year we are opening our doors to the most exciting shopping experience in Jamaica!

We invite you to take advantage of our incredible sales and our extra special Fashion Night Out promotions on Friday September 10, from 5pm to 10pm in our Lane Plaza and Sovereign Center stores in Kingston, and our Fairview store in Montego Bay.

Destination True Value gets you there

Say goodbye to the older, colder Rapid True Value, and step into a new world of warmth and colour. Introducing Destination True Value: bringing the magic back to your Rapid True Value.

Destination True Value is the theme for our new store upgrades! We are giving a facelift to our main store in Lane Plaza. Our aim is to give you the unique shopping experience you deserve.

Introducing… D-I-Y hurricane shutters in a box

In keeping with our mandate to listen and respond to our customers’ needs, Rapid True Value has expanded our product portfolio to include do-it-yourself hurricane shutters in a box. This product is an easy to install alternative to the traditional ply board used to batten down windows and doors in the event of a storm or hurricane.

Boss Lady Toolkit

Changing a tire

Scenario: Breakfast: check Kids at school: Check and check. You’re making good time having taken every taximan’s shortcut you know, and you’re feeling confident that you can make it to the office before the big meeting  with enough time for a cup of coffee when you notice strange men on the road gesturing toward you.

Just as you start fuming about how these men nowadays are so forward, the driver pulls beside you and winds down his window. You are gearing up to cuss him off for whatever he’s about to say when he yells “lady u back tire sawf sawf, look like u ‘av a flat.”

Getting rid of those pests

In the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, on the patio, in the yard, pests are everywhere! They stay close to humans because we are their supermarket. They want our food, fresh or discarded. A simple lapse, like dropping a cookie crumb on the floor, calls out the entire ant army in seconds. And these ants don’t play like the Reggae Boyz.  If they turn on you, you better run like crazy.

Rapid True Value forms valuable 'union' - Customers to benefit from Western Union-Bill Express partnership

There is a new section in four Rapid True Value outlets across Jamaica which are expanding on the nuts and bolts (plus just about anything required for home maintenance and improvement) of the business they are renown for. It is an inward expansion of sorts, as there is further utilisation of existing floor space, but also outward, in terms of what the organisation offers to its clients.

Get Inspired!

Sometimes we know exactly what needs improvement in our homes, what items can complete a room or the part we need to fix a broken household item. Other times we just sense that something is missing or needs change but we can’t quite pinpoint anything in particular.

If you find yourself in this position here’s what you can do for inspiration:

Get your Christmas look and feel early

It’s October. That means we have about two more months before the Christmas shopping takes over. This is the perfect time to get all the goodies you need to make your home, car and office look and feel ‘Christmasy.’ We assume everyone knows what Christmasy means. If you happened to have hopped off the planet for a while, it’s simply making your surroundings depict the season in splendor.

Backyard Life

Most people enjoy the outdoors. Getting close to the trees, flowers, vines, grass and even the dirt gives us some primal pleasure. That’s why many of us spend so much time in our backyards, when we have one.

The yard has a life of its own that is made more enjoyable when we design it to suit our outdoor needs. Mother Nature is perfect in God’s eyes, but we mortals can always find a way to put our own stamp on whatever piece of it we own.