Designers Show Eye for Style in RTV Decorators' Challenge

This month Rapid True Value is hosting an exciting opportunity for you! If you are an aspiring decorator, or simply have a love for design and an eye for style, enter our Decorators’ Challenge! You can enter by putting your name, email address and telephone number in the entry box at participating Rapid True Value Stores*. We will select two names at random and invite you to participate in the competition.

Let there be light!

Lighting fixtures are an ideal, and often inexpensive, way of adding style to your home décor. The right kind of lighting can make your living space feel spacious and welcoming while poor lighting can make a space cold and uninviting.

It is not only the mood of your home that matters. Lighting has a very practical aspect - it helps you to see well, perform tasks easily, and provides safety, security and a sense of comfort.

Christmas Gifts For The Handyman

If you’re feeling challenged coming up with gift ideas for the handy man in your life, Rapid True Value has an amazing range of power tools, kits and accessories that any do-it-yourselfer would appreciate finding under the Christmas tree.

We stock the very best power tools from the world's leading brands, such as DeWalt, Black & Decker, and Stanley, that your husband, father, brother or friend would love to add to his collection.  These include table circular saws, grinders, cordless drills and screwdriver sets.

Paint the perfect home for the holidays

Christmas is sneaking up on us in the worse way. The advertising and the Xmas carols come earlier each year.

There is a good side to that, however, because it helps to put us in a planning mood earlier. The home, of course, is the center of all that planning because we all want a joyful environment for the holidays. 

Patio perfect with the right outdoor furniture

Summer is around the corner and we’ll be spending much more time on our patios enjoying the easy conversation of friends and family or simply taking it easy with a good book. But however you decide to idle away the hours, the right outdoor furniture can help create an attractive and inviting ambiance.

A functional yet comfortable space is your first priority. So make sure your patio furniture matches your personal preferences as well as the uses it will serve.

Tile, Hardwood or Carpet?

How are the floors of your home covered? It is all tiles, all hardwood, carpet, or a combination? For most homes, it’s a combined solution, tile in the kitchen, carpet in the bedroom and maybe hardwood flooring in the living and dining room. But which do you prefer?

Tiles can be very decorative because of the tons of designs available. They are durable, easy to clean and usually inexpensive. But when it’s cold, tiles can be slippery underfoot and rather noisy when you’re in heels.

Gazebo to go

If you don’t want the expense or have the garden space for a permanent gazebo, you may want to consider an alternative solution for a relaxing hang out spot. How about one of our long lasting easy to erect tents? It comes with all the benefits of a gazebo and more and you can take it down and put it up as needed.

Rock Your Cares Away

After a stressful day at work or school it is nice  to come home and enjoy a quiet, relaxing time outside listening to nothing but the sounds of Mother Nature. And we have the perfect chair for you to kick back in and sink away into a world of  bliss. Our outdoor cushioned swinging chair with overhead covering is cozy enough for you and your partner to enjoy a romantic evening watching the sun set.  Just picture it!

A Water Fountain that teleports you to dreamy bliss


Imagine being home alone, lying on the sofa, head lightly resting on a cloudlike pillow, eyes closed and the only sound you hear is the timid flow of water running down a river...or what you’ll be dreaming is a river but is actually a water fountain placed deliberately in your living room, or outdoors, for moments like these.

A Green Savvy Home for 2012

We all make long lists of personal resolutions for the year ahead – to lose ten pounds, exercise more and eat less, get a new job, among others.  But how many of you include home and garden resolutions?  The New Year is a great time to create a list of home improvement projects to enhance your surroundings and improve your quality of life.  It is also a great opportunity to think about going green.

In a sluggish economy your green resolutions may simply be the practical thing to do.   It’s not only good for the planet but for your wallet too; and going green has never been easier.  Most home improvement stores have energy efficient, green materials as options, including appliances, flooring, light bulbs and cooling systems.