Getting The Home Right For Back To School

You have everything from socks to books for that “Major Event” called Back to School.  But getting ready for school doesn’t end when you get the children out the door, just as their school work doesn’t stop when they head back home.  Use these simple tips to transform part of your home into a study area?

Christmas Colours

Christmas is here…

Jamaicans have distinct ways to celebrate each holiday, and none is given greater importance than Christmas. It is evident by the clothes we wear, the food we eat and the extravagant parties we host and attend. Christmas becomes grander each year and more memorable than the previous ones.

Seeking to expand the products we offer to add variety for customers, we at Rapid True Value aim to satisfy your needs and help to make these holiday celebrations the best ever.

Christmas on a Budget

It’s Christmas time again, and while it’s the season for yuletide greetings and eggnog, everyone’s pocket is feeling the pinch. But please don’t let that turn you into a grinch or your home into a humbug. Rapid True Value is happy to give you some Christmas home decorating tips on a budget!

Rapid True Value starts selling appliances supplied by ATL

Rapid True Value has partnered with Appliance Traders Limited (ATL) to sell appliances in its stores. The deal has ATL supplying Rapid with appliances rather than the hardware chain importing the items itself.

"As part of our thrust of providing a one-stop shopping destination for everything the customer needs to build, renovate and decorate their homes, we have decided to re-enter the category," Don Wehby, chief executive officer of GraceKennedy Group told the Business Observer.

Renovating Old Bookshelves and Storage Ideas

Time to fix up that old abandoned Book Shelf and breath new life into it! With a new coat of paint and some creative repurposing your shelf can become a focal point of the room as well as a much needed storage unit.

How to make a small bathroom look bigger

If your bathroom is the size of a closet, you can make small changes that can add a little space or make it appear larger.   It’s all about creating an illusion.

It doesn’t have to be costly either. With a bit of visual magic, colour change and lighting you can transform your small bathroom from a claustrophobic closet into a more comfortable retreat.

Here are some simple ways to make your small bathroom look and feel bigger:

Wash Away the Bathroom Blues

If your dull bathroom is getting you down, we have some chic and inexpensive ideas to add a whole new personality to this special space.

Since most bathrooms are small, all you need is the weekend to pull off a smart makeover that will transform ho-hum to amazing.

Try these easy and affordable updates:

Get Creative with Wallpaper

Wallpaper brightens bare walls in a way that paint cannot. The right type and design of wallpaper can add instant warmth and personality to your room.

Wallpaper can spruce up more than just your walls.  With a little imagination you can turn the ordinary into extraordinary: dress up closet doors; line a shelf or cupboard; cover a lampshade; or hang wallpaper as framed art.

Tools and Tips to Reduce Your Electricity Consumption

With almost everyone going green these days, being more eco-aware and finding ways to be more energy efficient isn’t the responsibility of big companies alone. All of us have to do our part at home. Not only does energy efficiency help the environment, since electric companies use large amounts of the non-renewable resource oil to generate electricity, but it leads to smaller electric bills and welcome savings. Here are some ideas to reduce electricity consumption in the average household.

Accessorize It!

You don’t need big bucks to create a home that has charm, warmth and style.  Smart accessories offer a simple and affordable way to refresh your living space without a big price tag.

From art pieces to flowers to decorative pillows, accessories add personality to a living room, kitchen, bedroom and other home spaces. And a little touch can make a dramatic visual statement.