A Water Fountain that teleports you to dreamy bliss


Imagine being home alone, lying on the sofa, head lightly resting on a cloudlike pillow, eyes closed and the only sound you hear is the timid flow of water running down a river...or what you’ll be dreaming is a river but is actually a water fountain placed deliberately in your living room, or outdoors, for moments like these.

That’s the kind of pleasure you get from a water fountain. It creates an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity and provides the perfect sounds to put your mind at ease and take you to a place of dreamy bliss.

Even when you are entertaining the water fountain brings benefits, helping to fill awkward moments of silence and quietly overshadows the cricket chirp.

The sound also has great teleportation powers and for those who hear with their eyes the fountain can captivate you for hours...just sitting and looking can take you away to the land of your dreams.

It is truly a great item for any home. Come find a fountain that suits your needs at Rapid True Value, where Great things begin right here!