Must Have Tools

Jamaicans are great fixers, and can be quite innovative with or without tools. But having the right tool is always more convenient when doing simple household repairs. Your neighborhood Rapid True Value stores stock all the items listed below. You can even get toolboxes for storage.

tape measureTape Measure - You shouldn't be without one of these in the house. At least get a 25 feet one to verify measurements for tablecloths, curtains or drapes.

Screwdrivers - Perhaps the handiest tool at home or office. It's wise to keep at least two medium sized, good quality, flat-head and Phillips-head screwdrivers. Useful for countless tightening or looseningjobs.

Pliers - Get a pair of grooved pliers, and a needle-nosed pair, for gripping, and removing nails and other items.




Level - A good, sturdy level will give you the professional touch for some of those jobs around the house. Essential for correct positioning of pictures, holes for drilling, and mounting.

Hammer - A medium weight hammer will work for most jobs you're likely to do at home.



Vice Grip - Can come in handy when you need secure gripping, and pulling or twisting apart tight things.


Wire Cutters - If nothing else, these help to save your domestic scissors when cutting heavy materials.


Nails, Screws & Hooks - As household items, these are the equivalent of rice, flour and sugar in the kitchen.


Masking or Blue Painter's Tape - When painting or touching up, these help to define and protect areas not to be painted.


Electric or Cordless Drill - Essential for drilling holes to install curtain rods, pictures and shelves.



Utility Knife - Extremely useful for quick cutting with a sharp edge. Great for opening large sealed packages.


Saw - Keep both a handsaw and a hacksaw for cutting wood or metal, or PVC.



Goggles and Work-gloves - These are sometimes necessary for comfortably handling certainjobs around the house or in the yard.